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The Singapore Leprosy Relief Association (SILRA) was set up in 1951 to help look into the welfare of leprosy sufferers.

Its vision / mission is: To alleviate the sufferings of the Leprosy/Chronic skin disease sufferers who are destitute regardless of race or religion by providing the basic needs of life and conducive programs to ensure that they live their lives to the fullest.

Its objectives are: To promote, aid, assist and co-ordinate or relief of persons suffering from leprosy/chronic skin diseases thus bringing them cheer and love.

No. of Beneficiaries :
For Current Year: All Singaporeans


:: [ STAFF ] ::



Executive Officer



:: [ Trustees / Board Members ] ::

Mr Soh Choon Wee (Trustee)
Dr Seow Chew Swee (President)
Mdm Tan Jin Hua (Vice President)
Mdm Fauziah Tan (Hon Treasurer)
Mdm M B Karim (Hon Secretary)
Dr Oon Hwee Boon Hazel (Member)
Mr Steven Seah Hak Hong (Member)
Mrs Rosalind Tan (Member)
Mrs Arukim Mary Joseph (Member)
Mrs Tan Poh Lee (Member)
Dr Tulip Tan (Member)
Mr Ng Ah Huat Lawrence (Member)
Mr Devadas S (Member)
Mr Tan Pin Cheow (Member)
Mr Lawrence Tan (Member)

Key Employees: Executive Officer – Mr Michael Samy S U

Auditor: Ms Nai Ai Choo Christina (For FY2018/19)